Pichavaram mangrove forest

Pichavaram, one of the unexplored places in Tamil Nadu is the third largest mangrove forest in the world.  Situated in the district of Cuddalore, it is known for its extremely calm back waters and as a home to a variety of birds. The place became very famous after the movie Dasavatharam (2008)

How to reach :

The closest railway station would be the Chidambaram railway station. 

From the station go by walk  to the bus stand and ask for the bus to Pichavaram.

The bus will take you to a nearby village called Killai.

From there you can take an auto which is relatively cheap.

What to see:

Like I said Pichavaram is famous for mangrove forests. A boating trip around 2 to 4 kms in  the back waters is scenic and of unpolluted beauty of nature. Ask the boat man to stop near the island type trees and start walking to experience the walk on a floating forest. 
When to start:

The boat service starts around 9 in the morning. Since it’s an hour or two boat ride you can come back to chidambaram for lunch .
Where to eat :

The restaurants near the chidambaram temple is the best place to have your breakfast and lunch.

The villagers of the killai city claim that it was the mangrove forest that saved them during the Tsunami of 2004. The fares for the boating is cheap as it is conducted by Tamil Nadu tourism board. 
Another place to visit while on this trip is the famous Shiva Temple known for its architecture and historic excellence at chidambaram