Auroville (The city of Dawn)

Auroville which means The city of dawn, is a beautiful international settlement established in 1968 with the idea of bringing people belonging to different cultures of the world together to live in peace and harmony.

It falls on the way to pondy from Chennai. In the Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. Around 10kms from the city of Pondicherry a once barren land is now converted into a self sufficient residential place, which lets people visit on a regular basis only during the day time, unless you have the intention of staying in one of their cottages.

Where to stay ?

I stayed in the Tibetian pavilion. A nice cottage type rooms. Well maintained and less expensive. The best place for someone who’s on a budget. If you are staying in Tibetian pavilion I suggest you to taste their momos, if you’re planning to stay there, the first thing to do is  to get yourself a bike for rent. Then book an entry for Matrimandhir as you cannot go there in the first day itself. The best part is you will not have proper access to your mobile network, which enables us to connect with the person next to us rather than to someone over the internet.

What to see?

Visitor centre:

That’s where you get your pass to  visit the Matrimandhir and know about auroville and a much better information on the idea behind auroville. There are a lot of cafes and a boutique around the visitor centre one of them is open for dinner, which has the best ambience and candle light dinner. If you’re on a one day trip you can be there from 9 to 5. The visitor centre doesn’t charge you anything to let you visit. You can even hire a bicycle and roam as long as you like.


In the middle of the town is the Matrimandir, an important attraction which was conceived by Alfassa as “a symbol of the Divine’s answer to man’s aspiration for perfection”. Silence is maintained inside the Matrimandir to ensure the tranquility of the space and entire area surrounding the Matrimandir is called Peace area. Inside the Matrimandir, a spiraling ramp leads upwards to an air-conditioned chamber of polished white marble referred to as “a place to find one’s consciousness”.

Matrimandir is equipped with a solar power plant and is surrounded by manicured gardens. When there is no sun or after the sunset, the sun rays on the globe is replaced by a beam from a solar powered light.

Visit the Matrimandhir you would know what heaven looks like. Excellent architecture that blows your mind leaves you astonished the whole trip to there. You will surely experience your inner spirit kindled.

Best season to visit auroville:

There is no particular season to visit auroville but I would suggest you visiting between October to march as the weather would be pleasant and you can experience the early morning mists.
Visiting hours :

Auroville only permits outsiders during the day. The visitor centre stays open daily from 9am – 1pm and 1:30 – 5pm and 

Sundays from 9:30am – 1pm and 2 – 5pm.

How to reach there:

Auroville is around 12 km (7.5 mi) north of Pondicherry. It can be easily reached via the East Coast Road (ECR) which connects Chennai and Pondicherry. The visitor centre and Matrimandir can be reached by travelling 6 km (3.7 mi) westwards from the signposted turnoff at the ECR.